November 28, 2017

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I'm knee-deep into the next RTR (V12 Nos.1 & 2), assembling photos and text for layout. It's a lengthy process that's helped along big time by our authors and volunteer staff members. You wouldn't believe what it takes to bring a magazine from a shoe box full of snaps, and text written on the back of scrap paper to an 80-page journal ready for a critical read.

We got a 1890 volume of "Engineering News and Railway Journal" bought on eBay to aid in the captioning process for this and future magazines. What a fascinating glimpse into the budding modernization of railroads, shipbuilding and industry. The letters to the editor (and Ed's scathing reply) are quite lengthy, covering subjects like the comparison of English and American locomotives. News items include the announcement of the launch of the Cushing, a TB-1 the first Torpedo Boat built the Navy in January of that year at the Herreshoff Yard in Bristol, Rhode Island. What a sleek speedster; 1600 horsepower provided by a quadruple expansion steam engine, with a top speed in excess of 24 knots. Or... a little less than 30 mph for you sea dogs who served under Captain Crunch.

It makes you realize that change is the only constant. It never stops; maybe stalls sometimes, but only for a moment. Speaking of changing, Tanya has been busy building the next generation Andover Junction Publications e-commerce Shopify website which went online today just before noon. Make sure to clear your browser's Cache Memory; you'll be able to see our efforts. It's a work-in-progress, so visit from time to time and see what's new.

If  "Clearing the Cache" sounds like kitty litter duty, snag a grandkid for a lesson!

Also announced in 1890 was the news that Rock Island Arsenal would become a "manufactory of Great Guns if the Government would consent." No doubt that rail service from the CRI&P and the CB&Q figured into the equation. More in the next RTR. Watch for my next post!

Steve Esposito


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