Remember the Rock - June 11, 2017

Posted by Steve Esposito on

Well Rockers, the sun started shining a week ago and it hasn't quit yet! What a relief; I was getting pretty tired of all the cloud cover. Maybe the grass will slow down?

We started work on the next RTR and lemme tell ya' it's gonna be a good one. Bill Leistiko and the Missus showed up with a multi part article about Silvis. This is gonna be a comprehensive look at the Rock Island's facility starting from the time the shops were erected. Bill has been digging deep for material and he's come up with solid gold.

Got a funny call about my previous post where I wondered if anyone ever modeled a flood scene intentionally. Heard some great flood stories, but the long and the short of is that it might not be doable in HO-scale. Rock Island trackage suffered from flood damage too many times to count, but anyone who's delved into photographs of high water on the CRI&P can't help but have the utmost respect for the gangs who cleaned up the mess. Whether it's high water in the basement, or submerged tracks and washed out bridges, clean up is hard work!

During the next few weeks Tanya and I will be finishing up Private Varnish magazine. When that's done were gonna take the next train to Clarksville, and hit the streets running. The fourth of July is around the corner......enjoy the festivities!

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