Remember the Rock magazine, Vol. 13 #1/2

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Hey you Rockers!

Winter temps took a nose dive here in Mendota, which made it even easier to work on the next RTR. We've had so little snow here, that my sleds are in the shed, and I'm stuck at my desk.

Volume 13 Nos. 1&2 is crowding 30 finished pages, so if you've been putting of renewing, today would be a good time to write a check, call it in, or visit and start clicking!

We had just started work on the issue's second feature article when I took a call this morning asking me why I rarely post on Facebook. It’s 'cause I hate it, that's why! I'm an old school print guy. Sorry guys, squinting at my phone or tablet just doesn't relax me like a good book or a magazine.

I'll let all you Facebookers know when we round third base. I'll post a synopsis of the issue when it's complete. Shouldn't be too long as I've been on a roll.

Steve Esposito

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