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The new Andover Junction Publications website looks pretty cool, but the hidden gems await those using it. So here's my favorite...

We get a lot of calls at the office from those guys that think my photographic memory works all day long, every day. Guys who ask me questions like when was the last time we covered the Rock Island local that ran on the Gorre and Daphited. Or if we have any photos of the DeWitt Clinton shot at Peoria during the 100-year centennial celebration?! Believe it or not, I don't know!
So for all you DIY-kinda guys we've done the legwork that enables you to use the Home Page SEARCH function at the top left when looking for articles in the 12-volumes of Remember the Rock Rock Island Railroad magazine we've produced since 2003.

It works for sister magazine Private Varnish, too and our books.

We've even made the SEARCH field longer for us old guys who don't see so good anymore!

So try it. Use few words; one word is best. For example: Silvis, china or diesel.
The search function is based on tags we've listed within the site, so if there you try a single word search that comes up empty, send us an email and which magazine you'd like to update tags for and we'll see if we can remedy it.

Thanks for all your letters about RTR Vol. 12 Nos. 1 and 2. And a special Thank You to all that subscribed. Tell your pals about RTR will ya!

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