2012 Charter Guide #23

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The American Association of Private Rail Car Owners (AAPRCO) is a non-profit organization whose members preserve this wonderful form of travel.

Savor the trip, as well as the destination! Relax while you're on the road. Inclement weather is never an issue when cruising America on a private railcar.

Their color-coded Private Car Charter Guide is your wish book and enables readers to become acquainted with the wide selection of car types available for charter from various AAPRCO member owners throughout the country. Cars and organizations presented here can also be seen on the AAPRCO website at www.aaprco.com and additional information can be accessed through individual website links provided here and on the AAPRCO website.

You will find many different types of cars with a wide range of features and functions. In addition, the Guide contains information on individual cars, as well as providing definitions of the terms used in passenger railroading.

If you are considering chartering for pleasure or business or as a unique stationery hospitality "suite," the Charter Guide is a valuable resource.

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