2015 Charter Guide #26

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The annual Private Car Charter Guide provides the opportunity for readers to become acquainted with the wide selection of car types available for charter from various AAPRCO member owners and organizations throughout the country. In this age where travel is more of an endurance contest rather than a civilized conveyance to your destination there is an option that will make first class travel on an airline pale in comparison. That is travel in a private rail car. The 2015 Guide is your source for planning your trip to just about any location on the Amtrak System.

The American Association of Private Railroad Car Owners, Inc. is a non-profit organization whose members are dedicated to the preservation of this exceptional form of travel. Members offer a wide variety of cars and services for you to consider as you plan your trip. You will find some cars ideal for a small group of four to seven people. Other cars can accommodate many more and two or three cars can be chartered to run together. Meal and beverage service are normally tailored to meet your specific needs and desires.

Private cars can be found in most areas of the country and are listed by geographic location beginning in the Northeast and ending in the Southwest. Once you have chosen one or more private cars for your journey, you should contact the representative directly for that or those cars. If you are viewing this in the Charter Guide hard copy, the details can also be found on the AAPRCO web site www.aaprco.com where you will find additional information and links to members' web sites.

The cars listed in the Guide are Amtrak certified and can travel through out the country on the back of Amtrak trains. The Northeast Corridor has physical restrictions that give private cars limited access. The details can be discussed with the car representative.

There are many popular destinations that are ideal for a vacation. Some customers make it a point to travel by private rail car to and from business meetings in major cities and in some locations can be used as your hotel.

Travel by private car is truly an experience not to be missed. Start planning today!

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