2016 Charter Guide #27

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Past AAPRCO President Bennett Levin wrote back in 1990 that private car travel has been described as “the only way to fly.” A business or pleasure trip to the Greenbrier Resort or a family reunion while crossing the Rockies between Denver and Salt Lake all represent but a small fraction of destinations, routes and other rail destinations available to those who choose to experience the ultimate travel “magic.” Pacific Ocean sunset vistas as your private railroad car speeds you along the beaches of Southern California between Los Angeles and San Diego, cross the Cascades on the rear of Amtrak’s Empire Builder during a snow shower and brilliant fall color Pennsylvania’s Horse Shoe Curve country and the Juniata River Valley are representative of experiences which will leave you with indelible private railcar travel memories. Twenty six years later, the magic continues.

That’s why you want the Private Car Charter Guide in your hand; it's your Guide

The American Association of Private Railroad Car Owners (AAPRCO) is a non-profit group of car owners, potential owners, as well as persons and organizations interested in the operation of private railroad passenger cars. Many Association members make their cars available for charter to share the enjoyment of their use and to assist in the cost of upgrading and maintaining them. The Guide, is your entree into the luxurious and secluded world of private railroad car travel. This annual is the fourth issue of our Private Varnish magazine.

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