2005 Charter Guide, PV 108

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44 pages

2005 Private Car Charter Guide

Private car travel is ideal for family adventures, wedding trips, celebrations, conventions and special travel needs (handicapped, accompanying pets, or serious need for privacy). Certainly it is a form of business entertainment that will never be forgotten. In fact, there does not need to be an occasion; the experience itself is the occasion.

Many AAPRCO members make their cars available for charter so that you may share in the enjoyment of their use. Here you can view the listings of cars that vary in style from the classic Art Deco of the 40s, the luxurious business cars originally built for the use of railroad officials, to more modern interpretations of classic railcar styles. There are a wide variety of equipment types available to match your needs. Cars with sleeping accommodations, dining areas, lounges and other types can be found in this Guide.

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