Private Varnish, 125 (Apr 2009)

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    • PV NEWS

      Membership News and Travel Planner

      Rest in Peace: Mr. Albert Ray Connors, owner of the Silver Spring


      Pony Express; Warren R. Henry, Evelyn Henry; Vista Canyon

      The Santa Clara Valley (California) Model T Ford Club invited the Mid Peninsula Old Time Auto Club to participate in a Mystery Tour to an unknown destination. On a beautiful fall day the group and their 19 autos met in the town of Woodside and took a scenic tour all the way to the Port of Redwood City, where the Virginia City, Yosemite Falls, and the Cascade Nights, were parked, which made for quite a nice photo with the antique photos and the railcars.

      Tiogo Pass travels over Donner Pass

      Southern Hospitality, Royal Street, Golden Sand and Metis were on the rails.

      Member photos of the Mid-term AAPRCO meeting as well as the 2009 Convention Committee


      AAPRCO's Railroad Industry Reception in Washington D.C.

      On the Trail with Conductor Bill featuring: Overland Trail with car diagrams as well as highlighting their Pearl Harbor Day Troop Train.


      Pullman Sleeping Car Equipment by Rudy Morgenfruh

    • PV TECH:

      A Cheap and Easy Railroad Car Speedometer by Brad Orfall

    • ShopTALK

    Lancaster & Chester Railway Company: get a new 30-ton crane. Work on the Wisconsin trucks, and Silver Gladiola gets new interior paint as well as newly covered furnishings

    Louis Edmonds and Mike Kelly work on rebuilding the Sherry Lynette Brannon trucks.

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