Private Varnish, 143 (Mar 2015)

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      Summit View, Sky View, Braddock Inn, NYC No. 38, The Observatory, Moultrie, NYC Diner No. 448, Morris County, Southern Hospitality, J. Pickney Henderson, Hollywood Beach; Dagny Taggart; Kansas; Union Pacific's streamliner fleet; Pacific Trail; Warren R. Henry, Evelyn A. Henry; St. James Place, Charter Club.


      37th Annual Convention: Portland Maine Three trip accounts were provided by Jerry Angier, Stan Garner and Taylor Johnson.
      From Chicago to Portland, Maine, via Cleveland, Buffalo, Binghamton, Syracuse, and East Deerfield, this was one ambitious trip. Parked in South Portland alongside Casco Bay, this trip afforded plenty of railroading and a delightful look at a beautiful seaport. An all-day harbor cruise as well as side trips to the Seashore Trolley Museum and the Maine Narrow Gauge Railroad Company and Museum were highlights of this great trip. Lots of photos and maps.


      Ayuh, it Suits Me  by Nellie MacCallum with Steve Esposito
      Built for the President Perry Todd of Bangor & Aroostook in 1928, this handsome Pullman still hosts guests 87 years later. Only occasionally venturing offline, one trip to Boston netted Red Sox Left-fielder Ted Williams for a fishing trip to Maine. The complete history plus eight pages of the Suits Me interior and exterior photos, including before and after restoration shots. Diagram sheets from the B&A, too. This is a very handsome example of a Pullman heavyweight.

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