Private Varnish, 152 (March 2018)

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    40 pages
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      Down memory lane...
      Remember? is the PV Memory Builder featuring photographs of AAPRCO's members back in the day before Facebook and smartphones. See if you can bring back those good memories. Five Points for names, two points for the location, three points for the correct year, and 11 points for the "rest of the story; 21 wins!


      Colonial Crafts, American Railway Explorer's Kansas, J. Pinckney Henderson, OS Mendota: Tioga Pass, Pacific Sunset, Silver Lariat, Plaza Santa Fe, Cyrus K. Holliday, Acoma, Silver Splendor, America.


      AAPRCO's 40th Anniversary convention, Part One
      The road to Burlington, Vermont was indeed circuitous, but oh, what a trip!

      To Burlington, Vermont via Geneva, New York by Roger Schmorr and Taylor Johnson
      Convention train planning can cause hair loss! The authors' accounts of the trials and tribulations of putting together the route for the convention train is a must-read for all AAPRCO members and interested parties. There's a lot of work behind the scenes before the wheels roll.

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      Willetts Railcar Services
      The excitement builds as Willetts Railcar Services gets ready to add a second building to their Spencer Shops operation where they will perform heavy repairs and painting. Spencer Shops' museum trackage presence will continue to offer long-term parking with utilities and light repairs. Read about work done on these cars: Gritty Palace Oliver Hazard Perry, Martin W. Clement, Pacific Slope.

      Gateway Rail Services
      A photo essay accompanies photos that highlight the work that has done on the Redwood Grove Budd-built 10-6 sleeper, formerly Amtrak No. 2454 and on Keith White's Hollywood Beach.

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