RTR Vol. 06, No. 1

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    Remember the Rock magazine, 2010, 8.5" x 11" 40 pages



      Freezin' to get the Action by Larry L. Byers
      While whistlin' a few bars of White Christmas might get you in the mood, sitting on a iced cooler for an hour might better approximate what photographer Larry Byers felt like after getting these shots. Out on the Kansas plains during the winter of 1978-79 high winds and a couple blizzards combined to make railroading challenging to say the least. Two wedge plows based in Herington set out to clear the main line; and Larry shot some awesome photos!

      CB Pratt and His Private Carriage by Chris Pratt
      The grandson of Kansas Division Superintendent C.B. Pratt pens an article about his family's work on the Rock Island based in Herington, Kansas. Lots of photos, and a Diagram Sheet of CRI&P business car 1904, assigned to C.B. in the 1920s. ALSO a sidebar: Let's Talk Business all about early Rock Island business cars from 1903 to 1919.

      From Silvis to St. Florentine - Mailbox Bonus! by Bob Beardsley
      Last August we received a letter from Bob Beardsley with a nice account of his Grandfather. A month ago he surprised us with another envelope of photographs. His career spanned the decades between the twenties and fifties. Photos, passes and some fine remembrances.

    • ROCK ISLAND MODELER: Lo(w) Numbers - Lo(w) Cubes  

      Covered Hoppers by Dan Sweeney Jr.
      These little hoppers were just the thing for hauling grain and feed over the Rock's branches built with light rail. Forty nine of them found their way from the Erie to US Railway Equipment Co in Blue Island, where they were rebuilt for lease to the CRI&P. Dan Sweeney Jr. walks you through the kit-bash.


      Ash Street Tower in Chicago, Illinois   Illustration art by Malcolm Cunningham
      Under starry skies, Alcos burbling in falling snow.

      F7 No. 108  Photo by Philip A. Weibler
      After stubbing a toe at Amourdale Yard, the big hook gets the 108 on track.

      RI No. 7215  Chrysler straight 8 Photo by Ron Fedor
      A cigar, a fedora and a new Chrysler 8. Thanks, boss!

      Bureau, Illinois Artwork by Mark Robinson
      E units in the 70s at the Junction. Not Petticoat.

    • Stoby's Serves and Preserves by by Bill Pollard

      A chance meeting of a venerable Rock Island parlor car, an IC coach and a "Al Capone" car off the Rock's Commuter line at Biddle Yard after shutdown gave them a 40 year lease on a new life at Stoby's Depot Restaurant in Russellville, Arkansas. Bill Pollard charts the history of the 3505 from construction in 1930 to it's resting place today. A complete roster of the 3500 series parlor cars with dispositions is included. Lots of vintage photos, and a Diagram Sheet.

    • Rock Collecting: Save the 905 update! by Mike Stuckert

      Save the 905 President Mike Stuckert gives us an update on the goings on at the Museum at Duncan, Oklahoma. The original article appeared in RTR V4 No.3.


      All the letters to the Editor that's fit to print.


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