RTR Vol. 06, No. 2

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    Remember the Rock magazine, 2010, 8.5" x 11" 40 pages
    • There's a Thrill Riding Rocket's Cab by Jenkin Lloyd Jones

      Back in 1939, an associate editor of the Tulsa Tribune took a cab ride on a Rock Island Rocket. TA photography includes exhibition and in-service exterior and interior shots.

    • Sister Act by Ann Smith, Marion Mitchell, and Verna M. May

      Ann, Marion, and Verna all worked as clerks on the RI's Illinois Division. Lots of inside info and a nice bit about the RI Chorus. Photography from the ladies' collections.

    • Postmarked: Wichita, Kansas by Howard Runft

      TextThe story of W&OV RR No. 1 as transformed by the RI into their No. 9; "Rest of the Story" sidebar wraps it up.

    • ROCK ISLAND MODELER: Paint your Covered Wagons by Jon Jordison

      The Rock had many schemes for their E6, E7, and FAs. John tells you how to repaint a Geep, too.

    • CLASSIC ROCK: Don Ball

      Killer photos from Don Ball's collection

    • Rock Collecting: Kitbash a Business Car by R. J. Barton

      Bart tells the story of how he and wife Jane transformed a 300-series coach into their private railcar. Lots on in-progress photos!

    • Rocket RPO

      All the letters to the Editor that's fit to print.

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