RTR Vol. 10, No. 1&2

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    Remember the Rock magazine, 2015 - 8.5" x 11" - 80 pages



      Meet Me at the Club, Part 1 by Bill Pollard
      RTR Associate Editor Bill Pollard uncovered some surprising facts about the Golden State Limited's 6500-6504 baggage buffet cars. These cars led a long life on the railroad, regularly refurbished from heavy use and reconfigured as the public's taste for comfort and convenience became more refined. Period advertising, CRI&P diagram sheets illustrating major re-configurations, Pullman, and Rock island interior photos; make this the definitive history of these cars.

      Tales of the Corn Belt Rocket by Bill Sibley
      chronicles the railroad his college days at the U of I in Iowa City during the mid sixties. Bill spent enough time by the tracks to note the comings and goings of the Corn Belt Rocket and other passenger trains in his first RTR byline. With Franzen photos from the John Harker collection and his own snap shots Bill gives us a detailed look at the railroad's operations in it's declining years. Timetables, consists and even a list of unanswered questions, that some of you might have the answers for, are included.

      Postmarked: Wichita, Kansas  by Howard Runft
      Howard Runft tells about his experiences on the Salina Sub from 1947 to 2014. Trade your Lazy Boy for a seat under a shade tree, pour some iced tea and listen up. One of our favorite authors speaks to the trials and tribulations of growing up along side the branch line from Salina to Herrington. Vintage timetables, photos and a nice map compliment his story.

      The Green Lights Glow  by Alar Mawdsley
      While looking through a newly-found reference book, Publisher Steve uncovered the story behind the wreck of the 5036 at the Cimarron River bridge in 1938. Readers will remember the photos in RTR Vol. 8 No. 2 of the big Northern being craned up and out of the mud. Now we get to find out the cause of this unusual accident, and take a gander at photos taken at the scene. Quite the story, told in the style of the day by this old-time newspaper man.

      New Rails to Indianola  < by Steve Esposito
      Long-time RTR contributer Stephen Eudy submitted some photos he took in 1975 of the first train over the Indianola, Iowa Branch. In attendance were Rock Island President John Ingram, and Trustee William Gibbons the railroad officials who put the deal together that made the new track possible. Spotless blue and white paint was the order of the day, as the train of newly refurbished, older, and brand new cars traversed the line.

      Through Thick and Thin  by Jim Townsend, Louis Marzuola and Dean Schrif
      From grammar school onwards, these two pals stuck together, both retiring after long careers on the Rock Island, based out of Haleyville, Oklahoma. The story of James Townsend and Louis Marzuola, two friends that started out firing steam engines, and ended their days on the railroad at the top of the seniority list is an enlightening read. Preston George steam-era photography on the Choctaw Route too.

      55 Years ago in Iowa City  by Dan Sweeny, Jr.
      The author recounts his days in Iowa City. Specifically the late fifties and early sixties. A super counterpoint to Bill Sibley's article earlier in the magazine. On the cusp of decline, the railroad was looking good and running like clockwork. Lots of Dan's snapshots, beautiful hand-drawn maps, and a chapter on the CRANDIC with a spiffy map by Tanya Anderson.


      Fourteen pages of red and yellow and blue and white-era photo essays
      Jack Beal landed leased "sharks" in OS Goodland, Kansas

      Wayne Schlimm caught a mile of new hoppers in his PICKL Clerk's diary

      Rounded out by "Hanging 'round Blue Island with Jim Suhs at Blue Island, Illinois.


      Single Stall Engine House  by Duncan Cameron
      The Rock Island had a standard plan for single stall engine houses of various sizes. Duncan Cameron scratchbuilt the version that stands in Keokuk, Iowa, and La Salle-Peru, Illinois, in HO scale. Exterior prototype photos of both locations, and in-process construction photos make it easy for this model to come to life on your work bench. Rare interior photos of the La Salle-Peru house which still stands, the yard office and fueling faculity.

      70's Survivors  by Robert Massey
      Just like your favorite band from back in the day... remember those late night K Tel record commercials, "Offer only available on TV?" These boxcars survived the seventies only to be preserved for perpetuity as they appeared in 1974 by HO-modeler Bob Massey. Bob describes his modeling and weathering technique accompanied by sharp photos of each car. Bring this magazine down to your work bench and get going! Includes a rebuilt troop sleeper, too.

      Flat Car Problem: Another look at the railroad's bulkhead flat cars built in 1958   by Ross Dando
      First covered by Joe Sindelar in RTR Volume 5 No. 2, with the passing of years some new detail parts have been produced by Nick Molo. Ross incorporates them into his Walthers model-based build and the results are fantastic. Sharp photos by Forrest Griggs are serious eye candy!

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