Burlington's Zephyrs

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Author: Karl Zimmerman
Hardbound; 8 1.2 x 11 inches, 156 pages, June 2004

Publisher: Motorbooks International; Copyright: Andover Junction Publications

Relive the days when Zephyr was a household name in transportation. From the mid 1930's to the arrival of Amtrak in 1971, a Zephyr streamliner was often the first choice for safe, stylish, and comfortable public transportation.

This book tells the story of how the fabulous Zephyr network evolved from the spunky little Zephyr 9900-a three-car slip of stainless steel born in 1934 to the far-flung fleet of nimble, gleaming trains of the Chicago Burlington & Quincy. Enjoy the skillfully written text, illustrated with over 250 black-and-white archival images, and period-color photographs.

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