RTR Vol. 04, No. 3

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Remember the Rock magazine, 2008

40 pages, 8.5" x 11"

  • Choctaw Rocket on Display - The 1940 promotional tour by Bill Pollard
  • The Badge - A look at the life of a Rock Island policeman from 1968 to 2006. by Dennis Ziesmer
  • Postmarked: Wichita, Kansas by Howard Runft - See some shots a 1947 RI Engineer took as he flew his own plane over Wichita and take a look at some of his own cartoons he sent instead of letters to his family. 
  • Finding Red - A look at a special relationship formed at the RI Chickasha, Olka., Depot. by Dean Schirf. A young boy is learns about the Rock Island through RI employee, J. W. "Red" Betts. Also photos of the 50th year of statehood celebration with Old No. 9 in Chickasha. 
  • The Rock Island Modeler: Modeling the 2500 series Suburban Coaches by David Street
  • Plus our regular departments: From the Head End, Classic Rock's Mailbox Bonus photo collection of a Ribbon Rail Gang's day on the job, Rock Collecting Special: Save the 905! Read about a dedicated group of volunteers' aim restore No. 905 in Duncan, Okla. and Rocket PRO

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