RTR Vol. 05, No. 2

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Remember the Rock magazine, 2009

40 pages, 8.5" x 11"

  • Choctaw Rocket (Part 2) by Bill Pollard

    A comprehensive history of the most elusive of all passenger Rockets from WWII onwards. Includes a sidebar and map about the Memphis Coach Yard.

  • Rock Collecting: Sage Green China by Mark Morisky

    Known amongst Rock Island china collectors as one of the most collectible, most desirable, and hardest to acquire of the Rock Island dining car china is the Sage Green pattern manufactured by Buffalo China of Buffalo, New York. With pieces now worth in the thousands, you might want to bone up and start keeping an eye out.

  • Classic Rock - 1938 Fan Trip to Silvis by William Raia

    Raia sent in such great photos by photos from two Chicago rail photographers—Paul Eilenberger and Wendell “Art” Ranke of this 1938 Fan Trip, that we just had to give this 10 pages!

  • The Rock Island Modeler: Arkansas Division, part 2. Open-Top Loads of Forestry Products for Bulkhead Flats by Joe Sindelar

    In the 50s and into the early 60s the shipment of finished lumber and other forestry products, particularly plywood, underwent two changes, which are the basis of this article.

  • An Elusive Interline Sleeper by Dennis Opferman

    For a very short period of time, there was a through sleeper between Denver and El Paso routed via Dalhart. The equipment was a standard 12-section–1 drawing room heavyweight sleeper. Includes 2 maps.

  • Rocket RPO

    All the letters to the Editor that can fit on two pages.


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