RTR Vol. 05, No. 3

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    Remember the Rock magazine, 2009

    8.5" x 11" 40 pages

    • The Wreck at 91st Street by Tom Mitoraj

      Railroad Historian Tom Mitoraj recreates the events leading up to the Sunday, August 29, 1926 tragic wreck. Includes maps and rare photos.

    • Fairbury Local Service to Beatrice and Back by Tom Jurgens

      Join Beatrice native Tom Jurgens for an in depth look at the Rock's branch between Fairbury and Beatrice, Nebraska. Text includes operational notes and history, lots of 1970s era photography and maps.

    • CLASSIC ROCK - Modern Marvels of the 1920s by Stephen Esposito

      We plowed the collection and turned up a group of steam-era views of cranes and pile drivers.

    • Bon Appétit! How Some Dining Cars were Deployed by George Drury

      Reminisces from a job-hunting trip from Denver to Chicago back in the '60s leads to thoughts on how dining cars were utilized. Interior photos and floor plan of the El Café.

    • Postmarked: Wichita, Kansas by Howard Runft

      Another great descriptive letter from Howard reveals more information; this time on operations at McFarland, Texas.

    • ROCK ISLAND MODELER: Modeling 60s era Open-Top Loads of Forestry Products, Part 3: Gondolas by Joe Sindelar

      The Arkansas Division originated many loads of sixty-foot poles and longer that were shipped in drop-end gondolas. Car shops diagram and stunning photography.

    • Rocket RPO

      All the letters to the Editor that can fit on two pages.

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