RTR Vol. 09, No. 1&2

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    Remember the Rock magazine, 2014 - 8.5" x 11" - 80 pages



      The Paper Chase  by Bill Pollard
      After a bit of detective work, Bill uncovers some surprising facts about Train 21 in a photo shot at McLean, Texas. "The Paper Chase" is his story about the value of collecting Rock Island items and then using them to further understand the operations of the railroad.

      BK Bureau   by David Auestad
      Dave recounts the night at Bureau when a washout threw a monkey wrench into train operations. A week of storms north of the railroad sent torrents of water rushing down Bureau Creek and the Hennepin Canal with horrific results. Includes a (circa 1970s) track plan for Bureau, a detour map, and Dave's photos too!

      Incident at Bridgeport  by J. Pete Hedgpeth
      Pete tells the story of the wreck at Bridgeport, Oklahoma back in 1959. Told in the style of the great railroad storytellers featured in old issues of Railroad magazine, Pete paints a realistic picture of operations in Dark (signal) Country and the trials of being a crew member on a harvest extra. For us young pups, this is worth the price of the magazine! Back-in-the-Day Railroading in Dark Country was serious business.

      Along the BCR&N by Steve Esposito
      For all you post card collectors out there, we've assembled a batch of cards from the Bill Leistiko and Stephen Eudy collections of 1900-1918 views that are specific to the Cedar Rapids-Manly, Iowa, line of the BCR&N. This ain't the typical "dump-out-the-shoe-box" show-and-tell; you just don't get to see them laid out this way very often! Includes a map of the territory for all you guys from outside the Hawkeye.

      On the Job with Bob Fredland
      Fredland recounts the days when he took his camera to work on the job in the signal department. Lots of great photos shot on the Illinois Division and some CRI&P Signal Department historic file photos.

      The Memphis Storehouse by Bill Pollard
      Still more of the Choctaw Route in Bill Pollard’s article about the Memphis Storehouse. This pocket-sized facility is crying out to be modeled and Bill supplies all the details. Steam and diesel-era COLOR photography. Inside and out!


      Fourteen, that's 14-pages of coverage of steam and diesel-era photo essays.
      Phil Weibler in Illinois
      Wayne Schlimm in Iowa
      Bob Corns in Kansas, and
      the way cool story of Dick Gill's photos of combined Nos. 3 & 7 shot at Englewood in the sixties.

    • ROCK ISLAND MODELER: Ready-to-Run Review

      Walthers HO-scale model of the SW1  by Robert Massey
      Bob reviews the SW1 using Prototype and model photos of the 4801 from shiny new to old and grey, along with Bob's usual comments and insights.


      Kitbashing ALCo RS2 & 3M's   by Ross Dando
      This installment by Ross outlines his kitbash of two ALCo's re-powered at EMD. Construction details for the 456 and the 451 are covered, along with lots of prototype photography of both engines during their careers on the railroad.

      Covert Freighters RS3   by Joe Sindelar
      In a new feature series "Down of the Arkansas Division" HO scale modeler Joe Sindelar has penned a nice how-to featuring his super detailed ALCo RS3 models of three units that roamed the Choctaw Route in freight service. Lots of Bob Werre photos of these beautifully detailed models!

    • Rocket RPO

      All the letters to the Editor that's fit to print.




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