Private Varnish, 133 (Nov 2011)

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    40 pages
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      Warren R. Henry, Evelyn Henry, Northern Sky, Northern Dreams, Lamberts Point, Railroading Heritage of Midwest America summer trips, Caritas, Moultrie, NYC No. 448, Hollywood Beach, Santa Fe No. 33, Golden Tower, Nebraska Zephyr, Scottish Thistle, Pacific Sands, Salisbury Beach, and the Silver Splendor.


      The Pacific Express by Richard Billig.
      Join Bennett Levin for a trip over the Southern Tier Line from Hoboken, New Jersey, to Youngstown, Ohio, and the return trip to Philadelphia via Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This was a rare mileage collector’s dream, not to mention a scenic tour through the East during an unusually colorful August. Lots of excellent photographs, from both on the train and trackside by some of the best railroad photographers in the hobby!


      The Lotos Club: Final Encore by Peter V. Tilp.
      The last run of the Lotos Club is chronicled by owner Tilp during its final trip to the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania, whereupon the car was donated to the museum for static display inside. Fine photography by the author and friends highlights the trip.

    • ShopTALK: photos and information about AAPRCO Trade Member shops' work on PVs.

      GATEWAY RAIL SERVICES reports on progress of major projects including the Haggerstown Inn and the Echo Canyon. The Swift Stream spent some time in the truck shop. Silver Quail and Babbling Brook return to the shops.

      BOB WILLETTS of LANCASTER & CHESTER COMPANY update us on work done to Wisconsin, Pacific Sunset, Poplar Summit, Dover Harbor, Cannon Ball, and Tennessee.

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