Private Varnish, 140 (Mar 2014) Convention

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      Railroading Heritage of Midwest America provided transportation for Station-to-Station a touring live music show that ran from NYC to San Francisco during the summer of 2013. Plus Colonial Crafts and Virginia City.


      Pachyderms, Pulchritude and Pantomime!  by David Hoffman.
      Long-time PV owner and author, Dave Hoffman won tickets to the circus for a family trip and winds up traveling aboard the Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Blue Train for an overnight trip to Lexington, Kentucky. Join Dave for as he runs away with the circus in this delightful photo essay.

      Napa Valley Limited by Bob McLean.
      Part 2 of the 2013 AAPRCO convention train story takes readers from Bend, Oregon, to the 36th annual convention at Napa, California, and upon its conclusion, the last leg of the trip to Los Angeles with a stopover in San Luis Obispo. During the convention folks visited the California State Railroad Museum in Sacramento. The overnight stopover gave people plenty of time to visit the newly renovated San Luis Obispo Railroad Museum. Stunning photography from aboard the train combines with great shots taken from track side to give readers a faithful recreation of the convention and special train's final days. Photos from all the side trips and activities, like the Napa Valley Wine Train, vineyard, winery, and museum trips are included. Illustrated route map with thumbnail photos is a highlight.

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