Private Varnish, 141 (Aug 2014)

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      Sierra Hotel, Puget Sound, Montana, Cannon Ball, Northern Sky, Northern Dreams, Warren R. Henry, Evelyn A. Henry, Pacific Sands, Silver Splendor, Overland Trail, GM&O 50.


      Cake, Candles and Clear Signals by Paul Newtson.
      An outing with family and friends, birthday celebration, and National Train Day participation were just some of the highlights of this Florida expedition. Join author Paul Newtson as they travel in style aboard the Georgia 300 and the Hollywood Beach from Jacksonville to Miami Beach via Tampa.

      Family Adventure by Stan Garner.
      The Lower Animas River canyon was the breathtaking setting for a PV trip on the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge. Climb aboard the Silverton's private car B-3, the Nomad for a trip from Durango to Silverton and return on the route of the historic Silver San Juan. Interior and exterior photos of the Nomad and the Alamosa.

      Dining Car Flatware Usage by Rudy Morgenfruh.
      Notable Pullman-car aficionado and historian Rudy Morgenfruh details the use of flatware aboard Pullman cars in the golden era of railroad travel. Lots of silverware photos with appropriate Pullman Company forms are featured in this article along with two sidebars.

      Sidebar 1: The Great Treasure Trove by Rudy Morgenfruh
      You will delight in Rudy's tale of an adventure with Peter Tilp that netted them more Pullman inventory than they could carry.

      Sidebar 2: Doomed Diners, From china to plastic trays: A love-hate relationship  by Karl Zimmerman.
      The transition from all freshly cooked meals–restaurant style– to airline-style cardboard is outlined in this wonderful article that originally appeared in November 1981.

      AAPRCO Goes to Gulfport for the Midterm Meeting by R. J. Barton
      A Mississippi trip to the Gulf of Mexico was the setting for the 2014 Midterm Meeting last May. Originating in New Orleans, with a stop in Meridian, the Mississippian Gulfport Limited plied the Gulf & Ship Island Railroad, a rare-mileage fan's meca. Plenty of photos!

      Book Report: "Railroaders, Jack Delano's Homefront Photography"  by Steve Esposito
      This catalog of an ongoing exhibit at the Chicago History Museum is a handsome book in its own right. Published by the Center for Railroad Photography & Art, this is a worthwhile addition to your library.

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