Private Varnish, 142 (Nov 2014)

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    40 pages

      Peek at the Pine Tree Limited; Pacific Union, Babbling Brook, AT&SF No. 56, Vista Canyon, Chapel Hill, Berlin, Suitsme, Promontory Point, Prairie View Lackawanna club cars 480-484, Silver Peak.


      Lessons Learned by Borden Black.
      The story starts in 2006 with the purchase of a railcar on Ebay. Six years later, the car christened Dearing, left Charlotte with 14 passengers on AAPRCO's Chattanooga Limited. AAPRCO's Executive Director Borden Black McGahee penned a first-hand account of their first trip. Beautifully illustrated with interior photos of the Dearing. Should be read by anyone contemplating the purchase of a railcar.

      An enDearing History by Nelson McGahee.
      The complete illustrated account of the life and times of the Thompson. Built by Pullman as a 12-1 sleeper and immediately put into service of the Great Northern's Empire Builder, the author traces every move of the car until purchase and conversion to a private railcar. The pictures are worth the cost of the magazine!
      Sidebar: How I got the GaRR emblem that hangs on the dining room wall, a good story with a happy ending.

      The Color of Music by Adam Auxier.
      There are trains, and then there are trains. Let's say named passenger trains rate a distinction; after all, just having a "name" sets them apart from their freight-laden cousins. Special excursion trains rate an asterisk, as do convention specials, but where do we list a train that carries musicians, art, and when it is standing still, becomes a stage? You decide. A richly illustrated account of the Station-to-Station tour that rolled across America in 2013.

      Wishing Upon a California Star by Lovett Smith.
      An enlightening account of the frustrations and joys of PV railroading by one of PRIVATE VARNISH's most prolific authors. This nicely illustrated essay follows the 12,604-mile journey of the NYC No. 3 Portland from the East Coast to West Coast and back.

      Obs Car by Steve Esposito.
      Editor Steve reviews "Lincoln's Funeral Train"  by Robert M. Reed.

      Railroad Enthusiasts and Amtrak by Steve Esposito.
      A couple hours spent waiting at Chicago's Union Station nets Editor Steve an opportunity to see Amtrak's police department at work.

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