Private Varnish, 145 (Dec 2015)

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      Babbling Brook, Bonnie Brook,Silver Star, Mount Vernon, Stampede Pass; Northern Dreams, Baggage Car No. 2450, Wisconsin Valley, Super Dome, Cedar Rapids, Caritas, Prairie View, Scenic View, Diner No. 448, Moonlight Dome, NYC Diner No. 38, St. Croix Valley, California, Kansas, Pacific Sands, Silver Solarium, Warren R. Henry, Acoma, Tioga Pass, Overland Trail, Francis L. Suter and the Hickory Creek.


      Crossroads of a Million Lives by Rudy Morgenfruh and Scott Clauss.
      The title for this article comes from the radio broadcast of the same name. From 1937 to 1954, for a half hour every week, the sound of the steam engine meant the start of another radio adventure. Sixty years after the show's demise, this private varnish adventure aboard the Hickory Creek, NYC #43 and the Babbling Brook commenced November 2014. Join the authors as they travel between New York's Penn Station and Grand Central Terminal. Charters to New Rochelle and Poughkeepsie rounded out the event until the Special left GCT on its way back to New York Penn. There are historical and trip shots of New York City and route maps and the original plan of GCT's express level.

      Car 93: Roots of the Tioga Pass by Norman Orfall.
      The events leading up to the purchase of No. 93 are chronicled in this delightful article by Norm. Descriptions of the car's renovations over the last 20 years are included as well as hard-to-come-by shots of No. 93 in original and 90's-era CN paint schemes. Nifty interior photos include some taken with a wide-angle lens held ceiling high with a pole as well as a color floor plan and action shots taken during the summer of 2015.

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      WIlletts Railcar Services repaints Southern Railway Coach No. 1081 and Shenandoah Vail.

      Star Trak Inc: The rebuilding of the Crystal Stream includes the complete refurbishment of the bedrooms on this historical Budd-built car

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