Private Varnish, 147 (July 2016)

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      Federal; Adirondack Club; Kentucky Derby Special: Adirondack Club , Northern Sky, Northern Dreams, Puget Sound, and the Dagny Taggart; Reno Fun Train: Sunset Harbor, Scenic View, Sky View, Plaza Santa Fe, Royal Gorge, and Overland Trail; Friends of the Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Charter: Acoma, Palm Leaf, Silver Rapids and Silver Solarium. Redwood Empire, and Silver Lariat

      The 2015 High Iron Travel Rail Excursion: BNSF Circle Trip by Clark Johnson
      The extensive BNSF rail network provides many opportunities for rare-mileage trips. In May 2015, High Iron ran a five-car special that included the Sunset Harbor, Colorado Pine, Cimarron River and Sky View. Business car Caritas, brought up the markers. Follow along with this day-by-day report.

      Hello, I'm Betty Jo Adams! by Betty Jo Adams
      While the Spirit of St. Louis was rolling through Indiana, a stop was made at Princeton to pick up Betty Jo Adams who gave a presentation that afternoon the 2015 convention train. She reminisced about growing up in Princeton and her family's affiliation with the Southern Railway. She weaves a story that starts with the first railroad to enter Princeton and ends it with her volunteer work at the Princeton Depot Museum.


      Roamer: Behind every car is a good story waiting to be told  by Steve Esposito
      Most AAPRCO PVs were built for use as revenue passenger equipment, or as business cars. The Roamer was designed and built as a private car and for a good part of its life was used as such. So to my way of thinking, the story of this car has to be framed around the story of the owners. Photographic coverage starts with rare ACF builder's photos, including shots taken during the car's long history. Gorgeous color photography of the interior following restoration. Original ACF interior plan, too.

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