Private Varnish, 149 (May 2017)

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    40 pages

      Montana, La Cuesta, Silver Solarium, Silver Lariat, Cyrus K. Holliday

      Montana Circle Trip by Arlene Post and Tim Tennant
      The Friends of the Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad offered the touring experience on the Montana to a new group of travelers. Day trippers mixed seamlessly with overnight guests who enjoyed near-exclusive use of the car from the evening through late morning the next day. Careful planning and an enthusiastic response from past and new customers made this possible.

      Some interesting trip trivia for you stats folks:

      - 10 days on the road
      - 48 day trippers
      - 5,720 miles were traveled
      - 10 days on the road
      - 48 day trippers
      - 11 overnight travelers
      - 31 stations where passengers got on and off
      - 175 meals served
      - Limitless Lifetime Memories

      N&W 611 Trips  by Alex Mayes
      The first springtime steam special would be reason enough to head to the tracks, but add a consist of vintage railcars to the mix and you have a very special occasion. Photographers, train chasers and daisy pickers were as plentiful as robins on a wet lawn during the N&W 611's latest outing. Alex recounts the April 8-9, 2017 weekend of the 3 trips that originated at the North Carolina Transportation Museum in Spencer.

      Also on this 2-page spread is a shot of a J-class locomotive in action back in the late 40s running alongside the New River at Bluff City, Virginia.


      39th Annual Convention, Part 1
      AAPRCO's City of Spokane departed Denver, heading for the mountains on a cloudy day September 2016. Despite the gloomy weather, spirits were high and there were plenty of fans track side to record the action. Join us for the first segment of the trip of which mileage included the rails through Wind River Canyon and Sheep River Canyon - two of the most beautiful and interesting geological formations in the West. Stunning photography and in-depth captions describe the scenic vistas and stop at Casper, Wyoming.

      Sidebar:Casper Army Airbase by Steve Esposito
      Historical photographs accompany the fascinating history of this WWII base of heavy bomber training operations.

      Sidebar: Wheels in Motion  by Taylor Johnson
      The behind-the-scene story of what happens when things go wrong and how AAPRCO's special train operating team makes them right.

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      Gateway Rail Services
      Roger Verbeeren Jr., sent us a batch of great photos shot during a typical day from repairing door locks to testing air brakes. It's all in a day's work. Cars include: Silver Pasco, and the Birch Grove

      Star Trak, Inc.
      Ray and Scott Clauss describe their use of high-tech steam boilers with existing steam heating systems on older rail cars in an in-depth look at their extremely clever way of blending the old and the new. Required reading for anybody considering rebuilding/upgrading a car.

      Willetts Railcar Services
      Bob Willetts's crew has been keeping busy at their Spencer, North Carolina location at historic Spencer Shops. Bob's notes for last quarter's work orders are illustrated with a nice selection of color photos taken both in-process and of finished work. Cars include: Crescent Harbor, Moultrie, NS Research Car No. 33, Arvonia, Homestead Pass, Warrior's Rest, Powhatan Arrow, Moonlight Dome, and the Silver Lariat.

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