Private Varnish, 150 (July 2017)

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    40 pages (error on page 3 that reads: Issue 151)
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      Remember? is the first instalment in our Memory Builder. It features some AAPRCO's members attempting to hitch a ride, hopefully on a PV! Five Points for names, two points for the Convention location, three points for the correct year, and 11 Points for the "rest of the story."


      Evelyn A. Henry, Warren R. Henry, Silver Lariat, Silver Rapids, Silver Solarium.

      OS Mendota
      Chapel Hill


      Rocket to Kansas City by R.J. Barton
      Join PV Publisher R.J. "Bart" Barton for the 2017 Mid Term Meeting trip from Chicago to Kansas City routed from Nevada, Iowa to Kansas City on the old Route of the Rockets of the Chicago Rock Island & Pacific. The Rocket left Chicago on the Chicago Northwestern UP line and followed it across the Big Muddy to Nevada. Lots of photos along the way. Includes KC side trips coverage to the Arabia Steamboat Museum and the Kansas City Union Station's Pompeii traveling Exhibit from the National Archaeological Museum in Naples, Italy plus many candid shots.

      Mid-Term trip sidebar:

      Steam's Final Hour by Mike McBride
      The Kansas City Rocket special passed through Sterling, Illinois which is the home of Sterling Steel Company. Railroad historian Mike McBride shared four glorious photos shot back when the mill used steam power exclusively to move cars around the huge complex. Easy reading captions tell the story of the mill and the events leading up to each photo.

      39th Annual Convention, 2016, Part 2
      Our Convention story resumes in Livingston, Montana where the City of Spokane spent a two-day layover while member and guests toured Yellowstone National Park. Lots of photos of this geologicaly-unique American treasure as well as candid shots in Livingston. Coverage includes the stop in Bozeman at Eagle Mount, the climb over the Continental Divide, the stop at Missoula plus many candid Convention shots. Lots of info in the captions.

      2016 Convention Sidebars

      - Yellowstone Park Tour
      - 2-page route map
      - So, You Want to Chair a Convention by Larry Milsow. The Association's ex-President details the trails and tribulations of taking an event from start to finish, with a tidal waves worth of details. There's lot that happens behind the scenes folks!

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