Private Varnish, 151 (Sept 2017)

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      Remember? Enjoy the challenge of our Memory Builder. It features AAPRCO's members and a special guest.  Five Points for names, two points for the location, three points for the correct year, and 11 Points for the "rest of the story."


      Silver Splendor, Pacific Sands. Includes trip highlights from Tom Cooper's nine-day trip from Los Angeles to Santa Fe and return. Includes photos.

      Berlin, Cedar Rapids, Super Dome, Yerba Buena, Scenic View, Caritas, Silver Splendor, Overland Trail, Moonlight Dome, Sierra Hotel, Burrard, Silver Lariat, Two Rivers, Greenwich Estate, Greenwich Harbor, Puget Sound, Colorado Pine, National Forum.

      Catch the two-page spread on the Cascades Daylight 2017 featuring the Silver Solarium, Silver Lariat, Plaza Santa Fe, Silver Splendor, Overland Trail, Prairie View, Ocean View, Colonial Crafts, Gordon Zimmerman, Traveller's Rest, Yerba Buena.


      Feel the Bern and Another Short Story by Bennett Levin
      Past AAPRCO President Bennett Levin illuminates the world of passenger railroading and politics with an essay that ties educating state and federal officials who vote on the appropriations with a PV trip over the route in question. A thoughtful and entertaining read with photos of the trips, route guides and a surprise ending.

      FAM Project by Paul Rollason
      From the land of kangaroos and koalas comes the story of a cast-off sleeper that finds a new home. Paul recounts the trials and tribulations of his multi-year project FAM. Lots of photos, floor plans, both before and after, maps, and two sidebars that clarify some of the Australian history brought up in the article.

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      Springs 101 by Ray Clauss
      This is a concise course in passenger trucks and the suspension they ride on. Clauss makes it easy to understand the intricacies of getting your railcar to ride smoothly.

    • ShopTALK

      Friends of the 261 Shops
      Steve Sandberg sent us a report of the activity inside their shop. The Budd dome Silver Club underwent major rebuilding and afterwards the Northern Sky was pulled in for truck repairs.

      Gateway Rail Services
      Their shops were busy this summer repainting CNW 553, the last private commuter car operated on Chicago's Metra commuter line. Meanwhile the boys in the shop completed a long list of projects on the Hollywood Beach. Lots of photos.

      Willetts Railcar Services
      Down North Carolina way, a parade of cars rolled through their facility located at historic Spencer Shops at the NC Transportation Museum. Nice photo of the Moultrie being lifted during a PC-2A truck inspection.

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