Private Varnish, 154 (November 2018)

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    This is the last Private Varnish magazine published.

    40 pages


      Charters and trips of private cars include: 

      Warren R. Henry, Cedar Rapids, Super Dome; Evelyn A. Henry, Sierra Hotel, Hollywood Beach, Promontory Point, Dearing, Pacific Sands, Tioga Pass, Northern Sky, Dover Harbor, Puget Sound, Silver Foot, Moonlight Dome and the Birch Grove.

      Book Review: Howard Green's Railroader Charter by Steve Esposito. Hunter Harrison, Wall Street's smoking gun of railroading management made his bosses on the Street a lot of money, and put  bushel baskets of employees out to pasture, or in the graveyard.


      Roaming the BNSF in THE AMERICAN WEST by Patrick Henry. Over a year in the making, and a trip of a lifetime for 30 executives and their wives, couples from around the world traveled from Oakland, California to Kansas City on a six-day trip across the American West. The train consisted of sixteen BNSF business cars and the Patrick Henry Creative Promotions' two cars, the Warren R. Henry and the Evelyn A. Henry. The story of how the trip took place is one of "True Grit," though John Wayne, horses, nor gun-play played a part!

      GRITTY PALACE: GNW&B Still Going NoWhere and Back One of the few private railcars to be purchased from the original owner (the Rock Island) and worked on at the Pullman Shops. After 50 years, the Gritty Palace is still owned and operated by one of the original partners and kept in flawless condition. the article includes tunning photos from the owner's collection, as well as builder's photos taken in 1912 of the original interior. Photography includes photos taken from the same angle as the builders photos. The text covers the history of the railroad prior to to the purchase of the car, ordered by Rock Island President Mudge in the days of the line's control by Wall Street's Reid-Moore syndicate.

      AAPRCO's 41th convention: St. Paul, Minnesota
      Another tale of true grit is the story of the annulled 2018 AAPRCO convention in Duluth and the last-minute reorganization to hold it in St. Paul, Minnesota. Eight cars were assembled in Chicago for the trip on the westbound Empire Builder and taken off the train at St. Paul for the weekend's festivities. Many photos were taken, including the steam-powered excursion behind Milwaukee Road Northern class, No. 261 are included, as are interior shots of the Sunday brunch aboard the San Marino. A memorable banquet was held at the James J. Hill mansion on Summit Hill.

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